In 2008, the Ensemble Fisarchi was founded in Florence by Daniele Del Lungo and Andrea Vassalle (violins), Laura Gorkoff (violoncello), Daniel Stratznig (accodion) and Annamaria Vassalle (soprano).
The Ensemble's exceptional instrumental formation formed the initial point for experimenting with arrangements from all kinds of repertory, and for inspiring compositions which were created especially according to its artistic potentials.

Its versatility, combining the voice with the quality of the string quartet and the sonorous multiplicity of the accordion, renders performances in various and thrilling ways, arousing enthusiasm among both audience and critics.

The arrangements have been elaborated by Daniele Del Lungo who adapted his works to the instrumental and personal qualities of every part of the Ensemble. In doing so, every recital becomes unique, while at the same time the suppleness of Fisarchi is emphasized.

Ever since their debut at the Festival “Internationale Musikwochen Milstätt“ (Austria) in June 2008, the musicians have challenged themselves by playing pieces of great composers. Wether Italian Baroque Music, including Scarlatti and Vivaldi, interpreting classical music by Mozart, or romantic compositions from Dvorak and Brahms to pieces from Piazzolla and Villa Lobos. In addition, their repertory includes contemporary pieces by F.M. Sardelli and P. Queipo de Llano composed in a historical style.

In 2009 at the festivals “Genio Fiorentino” in Florence and “34° Cantiere internazionale d'Arte di Montepulciano”, the Ensemble presented as world premiers five compositions by young Florentine composers, setting to music pieces of poetry by Michealangelo Buonarroti and Vicotoria Colonna. These compositions have further been recorded for the CD “Michelangelo, Rime”. The piece "Dalla pietra" (G. Bracci) on the CD has been choosen for the “Gaudeamus Prize 2010” (Amsterdam), and has won the contest “SuonoSonda”.

The year 2010 marked the beginning of a collaboration with the English Clarinettist Emma Alexander, and the point of amplification of Fisarchi's full timbric potential. In this constellation, they held their first concert in Winchester, England in February of 2011.

The same year, Fisarchi has been invited for a concert series to Austria again. At the "Internationale Musikwochen Millstatt," the Ensemble performed in order to achieve a registration of the National Austrian radio station ORF.

In January 2012 their cd "Fugas: 25 four voices fugues" came out, containing music by spanish composer P. Queipo de Llano of label Enchiriadis.