Domenico Scarlatti:
Cantata "Bella Madre de' fiori"
Antonio Vivaldi:
Variazioni su "La follia di Spagna"
Victor Monti:
Trad. Kletzmer:
Shalom Alekeim
Daniele Del Lungo:
Camminerai tra i fiori a San Miniato 
(testo: selezione di passi biblici)
Vivo su questo scoglio
(testo: Vittoria Colonna)
Astor Piazzolla:
Ave Maria
Heitor Villa-Lobos:
O palida Madona
Astor Piazzolla:

"From Scarlatti to Piazzolla" is the program title of a recent concert series which was performed by the Ensemble Fisarchi on their tour through Austria in 2011, and which has been broadcasted by the National Austrian radio station ORF (Österreichischer Rundfunk).

Aiming at variety, the program was arranged in order to highlight the Ensemble's timbric uniqueness and its particularity of technique and execution. It includes rarely performed compositions such as the cantata “Bella Madre de' fiori”, and variations on “La Follia di Spagna” by Vivaldi which are lesser-known with respect to the homonymous pieces by Corelli, but likewise beautiful and brilliant. 

The virtuosity is emphasized by instrumentally stirring compositions, including Czardas, Shalom Alekeim and Libertango. The timbric refinement of manifold combinations among the strings, and the diverse registers of the accordeon particularly prevail in pieces such as “Camminerai tra i fiori a San Miniato”, “Ave Maria” di Piazzolla, and “O palida Madona“ by Villa-Lobos.

Ensemble Fisarchi 

Daniele Del Lungo, violino
Andrea Vassalle, violino
Laura Gorkoff, violino
Daniel Stratznig, accordeon
Annamaria Vassalle, soprano

Arrangements, compositional elaboration, instrumentation, Daniele Del Lungo